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What is your cat's favorite toy?

What is your cat's favorite toy?

We posted this poll on Pet Place and hundreds of cat lovers responded. But if you haven't told us about your cat's favorite toy yet, there is still time to make your voice heard. What is your cat's favorite toy?
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Here are the results:

Furry mouse toy15613.58%
Feather flyer (wand with toy12210.62%
Laser light1119.66%
Empty box1089.4%
Catnip toy847.31%
Top of milk jug - ring817.5%
Empty bag696.01%
Balled up piece of paper595.13%
Krinkle ball393.39%
Bottle caps363.13%
Plain round ball312.7%
Ping pong ball211.83%
Sparkle ball141.22%
Foil gum wrappers131.13%
Ball of yarn90.78%

Other answers included:

• Pink mouse
• Crinkle tube
• Dum-Dum suckers (likes to fetch them)
• String
• Twisty
• Fling-ama-String
• Me
• Long leather shoelace
• Stuffed lamb
• Hazel nuts (in shell)
• Folded socks
• Milk rings
• Twist tie
• OMG! It's a bread tie!
• Turbo catcher
• Battery operated fishing rod with a feather on the end that retracts
• Its tail
• Pens
• Mylar strings on stick
• Plastic band from OJ
• The dog
• Turbo scratcher
• Pipe cleaner
• The dog
• My other cat
• Remote controlled mouse
• Old sneaker string
• Play tunnel
• Just about anything
• Me
• Leather shoelace
• My other cat
• Pipe cleaners
• Elastic ponytail holder
• Sid the Squid, which is a puffball with 6 leather legs
• Self -adhesive address labels
• Toilet paper rolls
• Fling-ama-String
• Shoelace
• Foil ball
• Soft drink straws
• Rubber bands
• Too many of the above to pick just one
• Straws
• Lion toy
• Fling-ama-String
• Cubes
• None
• Cat dancer
• A piece of real fur
• Me
• Discarded and crinkled paper towels!
• Plastic bottle ring from sports drins
• Hair ties
• Electric toothbrush
• Anything on a string
• Hanging beads
• Marmets
• My dogs
• Their dog buddies
• Elastic bands
• Empty boxes
• Webkins
• Cat dancer (wire with cardboard tip)
• Q-Tips
• Crinkle Santa or reindeer
• Balled up aluminum foil
• Anything small on counter
• Our other cat
• Fuzzy ball
• Pom Poms
• Feather wand
• String
• His teddy bear
• Q-Tip
• Small stuffed toy
• Q-Tip
• A stuffed Pokemon polywhirl from Burger King
• Pulled string
• Shoestring
• Hair tie
• Piece of wire or twist tie
• Twisty ties
• Catnip cigar
• Furry fish-shaped toy
• Lighted track ball
• Hair scrunchy
• Brush
• Anything alive it brings in from outside
• Yarn covered noisy ball
• Shoelace
• Mouse in ball that rolls on floor by battery (it is too cute!)
• Piece of paper
• Anything plastic that makes noise
• Piece of cloth
• Little 5-year-old teddy bear she has had for as long as we've had her!
• Hair
• Guitar string