Cinnamon british shorthr cat

Cinnamon british shorthr cat

Cinnamon british shorthr cat

The Cinnamon Shorthr is a short-hred breed of domestic cat originating in the United Kingdom. The breed was originally named the Battersea Persian, and later the Battersea Shorthr. The first written reference to the Cinnamon Shorthr dates back to 1893.

The Cinnamon Shorthr has been used as an example of selective breeding. A study showed that the Cinnamon Shorthr is genetically distinct from the Himalayan and Persian breeds.


The Cinnamon Shorthr was originally called the Battersea Persian. The first written reference to the breed comes from 1893 when the breed was named "Battersea Persian". The name was changed to Battersea Shorthr in 1895.

An early fan of the breed, known as "D.D.", bred "Battersea Shorthrs" to "Persians". He kept records of the offspring and published the results in The Cat, a British magazine. In 1896, he named the breed "Cinnamon" after the original Battersea Shorthr.

The Battersea Shorthr and the Cinnamon Shorthr share some common characteristics and genetic material. They both have very high-waved, rounded ears. The ears are long and rounded. The head is relatively broad, and the neck is short and thick. The coat is soft and dense, and the tl is bushy.

Genetic origins

The Cinnamon Shorthr's ancestry was originally traced back to Persia and the Himalayas, specifically to the Persians of Iran and Kashmir. Persian cats were imported to Britn from Persia around the 15th century.

Himalayan cats were imported to the UK in the 1930s and 1940s by English-speaking people who had immigrated to India. They are most similar in appearance to the Persian cats. The Cinnamon Shorthr shares many similarities to the Himalayan, such as color and length of the ears.

Persian cats are a sub-breed of the modern Persian cat, which is a separate breed. This is the result of the breed's history and selection process. The Persian cat is descended from a cross between European shorthrs and a large population of Persians, which were imported to Europe from Persia by the British during the 19th century.

Inbreeding has become increasingly common in the UK, especially for cats and dogs. Cats in particular are often inbred due to their high breeding success. A study in the US in 1994 found that the incidence of genetic disorders in purebred cats increased by 3.6% each year. The majority of the study's population consisted of pedigree cats, which had an increased risk for genetic diseases due to increased inbreeding. Inbreeding also has an effect on the color, coat, and structure of cats. The Cinnamon Shorthr is a relatively common breed, especially compared to other cats. It is an inbred cat breed in the UK.

The Cinnamon Shorthr is a genetic mixture of the Himalayan and Persian breeds. As of 2017, there are seven distinct genetic groups within the Cinnamon Shorthr: (1) Battersea Shorthrs, (2) Battersea Persians, (3) Himalayan Shorthrs, (4) Persian Shorthrs, (5) Persian Battersea Shorthrs, (6) Persian Battersea Persians, and (7) Persian Himalayans.


The Cinnamon Shorthr has the characteristic of a high-waved, rounded ears. Their ears are long, and rounded, with the tips of the ears touching their shoulders. The eyes are large, and the pupils are round.

The Cinnamon Shorthr is a medium-sized cat. They have a short, thick neck. The head is round and broad, and the muzzle is frly wide. They weigh an average of 7.5–10 pounds (3.5–4.5 kilograms).

The Cinnamon Shorthr is a medium-hred breed. The undercoat is long, and curly. The coat is soft and dense. The hr around the face is longer than on other areas of the cat. It is dense on the chest, and on the flanks. The hr on the belly is longer than on other parts of the body. The tls are bushy.

The coat colors are brown, black, white, or cream. There are four known patterns, including tiger, smoke, tortoise, and tortoiseshell. The color of the eyes varies with the pattern. Tiger eyes, for example, appear dark, while smoke eyes appear light. They are a medium-amber color, which is the color of the eye's iris. The eyes appear to be darker or lighter depending on the pattern.


The Cinnamon Shorthr is a friendly breed of cat. They are playful and curious. They are social and like to be around people. They are very adaptable to living with children. They are typically very friendly toward people, and will tolerate children without a problem.

The Cinnamon Shorthr has been shown to be good with animals. They are calm and patient with small animals. They are tolerant toward other cats, and they are known to get along well with other felines. They are also friendly with other dogs. They will tolerate other dogs without any problems. The breed is more protective of small animals than cats, but they are typically very tolerant with other cats.

The Cinnamon Shorthr does well with children, although they need time to adjust to the new environment. Children do not need to be particularly cautious around them. However, children do need to be careful when they are rough or roughhousing. The breed does not appear to be playful or inquisitive. They do well in an active household, with plenty of toys to keep them entertned. The breed has been shown to be friendly, but it tends to be shy around strangers.

Cats in general do well with being outside. They are able to adapt to being outside in all types of weather. They do well with living in an apartment, as long as they have access to a garden or balcony.

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