What is a dog run

What is a dog run

What is a dog run? And is a dog a run dog?

This article is written by Lora and is part of the series “Are we raising run dogs?”.

“What do you want with a run dog?”

“You should get a run dog.”

“You shouldn’t.”

There’s a lot of confusion about what a run dog is. In my opinion, confusion arises because most pet dog experts or breeder-readers tend to refer to a “run dog” as “the breed that goes in the yard to run free in a fenced area”.

“That’s an Australian Shepherd,” or “They have good temperament, that’s a run dog.”

“That’s a run dog.”

The dog world however, tends to refer to the same dogs as “stay” and “free”.

“That’s a stay dog.”

“That’s a free dog.”

“What do you mean by ‘run’ dog?”

“He’s a ‘stay’ dog that doesn’t really like to go into the yard.”

“No he’s a ‘run’ dog, he goes out when he wants.”

“So is that a ‘run’ or a ‘stay’ dog?”

“He’s a ‘run’ dog.”

So what’s the difference? What are they really telling you?

What they’re actually telling you is “the dog breed that does ‘work’ (like pulling a plough or dog-sled, or ‘recreational’ sport like chasing rabbits or hares) will do very well.”

The dog that does ‘not like to go into the yard’ or is generally ‘not working’, will generally get along better with you and your children. This is the case no matter what the breed.

So the question you should be asking yourself is “do you want a dog that will be happy in your back yard?”

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