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Monday, August 31, 2007

There are so many cats, and some of them are really well-meaning. But sometimes there are those who are downright irritating. Here are some of the most annoying cat behavior.

1. The doorbell or the garage door will go off and you won't hear it until your cat has run to the kitchen door. The cat usually knows what is going on and waits for you to let him out.

2. Your cat won't let you get a close look at him or her unless it is an inopportune time and place. He or she will want you to go with him or her to the vet and then will insist on being in the car with you. They are not to be trusted.

3. They go out on the deck, in the garage, on the stairs or anywhere else on your property, and they want to come in, even if you are on the other side of the door or have your back turned.

4. They walk down the hallway or up the stairs with you, with the same determination as when they want to come into the house.

5. They try to get in the house as you are getting out of the car.

6. If you have more than one cat, they try to sit in your lap and climb on top of your head or chest or your bed and will not get up or down until you leave the room.

7. They come down the stairs when you are up and they want to stay on the stairs, with you, until you go back down.

8. They play with your cell phone.

9. They won't let you pet them for very long.

10. They will let you pet them if you give them a bath or a massage.

11. They try to get into your lap or bed in the middle of the night.

12. They have their own way of walking. It looks like they are trying to trip you.

13. They have their own way of playing. They play with their paws in a peculiar way.

14. They scratch themselves a lot.

15. They rub their eyes a lot.

16. They don't like to go upstairs or downstairs or outside.

17. They don't like to be left in the car for long periods of time.

18. They want to be the only one who plays with them or even the only one who plays with toys.

19. They do not like toys that are thrown away, even if they have their own. They don't like to be left out.

20. They are territorial and will take over an entire room if allowed. They will run up and down the walls or climb up onto the ceiling.

21. If you leave your home and they do not come with you, they will howl at you for days, even for weeks.

22. If you put them on the shelf and they cannot see you, they will cry out for you in despair for days or weeks.

23. They will come down the stairs in the middle of the night or stay out on the deck or walk across the yard.

24. They like to be scratched in the ear or behind the ears. They will get up and walk away or even leave the room to let you do it.

25. They come up and lick your hand.

26. They do not like to be on top of you or on the bed.

27. They come up and lay on you or on top of you on the couch or chair.

28. They like to jump on you and if they have a favorite spot, they will sit there, or try to get away from you.

29. They like to hide under the bed or under your desk or in a box under the bed.

30. They are very loud when they are angry.

31. They will go to the basement to look for something. They do not like to go into the basement.

32. They will not sleep when you are sleeping.

33. They will wake you up at night to play.

34. They will run in circles around your bed.

35. They will not stop biting you.

36. They will not stop scratching you.

37. They like to play and scratch.

38. They are not interested in the dog.

39. They are not interested in the cat.

40. They will come into your house to look at or smell something. They don't like to be in the house and will run around or hide if they are there.

41. They go into other people's houses.

42. They come out of your house and go back in without you knowing it.

43. They jump on or lick you or sit on your head, neck, legs or body.

44. They are afraid of the vacuum cleaner and will come into the house with you on it.

45. They will play with you for hours, and then be offended that you are not doing something.

46. They are very curious.

47. They are curious about other animals.

48. They may come up when you are on the stairs.

49. They may come up to you when you are watching television or listening to the radio.

50. They have a strange way of walking.

51. They go to the windows and look out. They may try to look down on you.

52. They are very active. They may jump up onto the desk and look around.

53. They like to be petted and scratched.

54. They will not let you pet them unless you give them a bath.

55. They will try to lick your face or hands.

56. They will try to eat your clothes or food.

57. They may go on the bed.

58. They may eat your food or sit next to your plate

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