Can dogs take melatonin

Can dogs take melatonin

Can dogs take melatonin?


Yes, dogs can take melatonin.

Dogs cannot take human melatonin (which is called "N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine" or "5-acetyl-N-methoxy-N-formyl-tryptamine") but can take the "natural" version which is called "5-methoxytryptamine".

The natural version of melatonin is present in plants like oats, asparagus, cabbage, and alfalfa.


It is important to distinguish natural vs synthetic melatonin. Melatonin is synthesized naturally by the pineal gland, which is found in the brain of humans and most other animals including dogs. The body also produces some melatonin, but it is only 10-20% of the amount produced by the pineal. Synthetic melatonin is used to increase melatonin levels in humans. It is commonly used in humans and animals, but not without risks, see this study.

So, to answer your question, yes, dogs can take melatonin. However, the risks outweigh the benefits, which means that if you are considering giving melatonin to your dog, you should use the most natural melatonin source, such as plants like oats.


No, melatonin is for humans only.

The human body produces only 1-2% of the melatonin it needs. When it comes to melatonin supplements, synthetic melatonin is most often used.

Some melatonin supplements for humans are found in the following sources (

Food -


Animal Food -


Herbal Extract -

Siberian Ginseng