My dog smells like fish

My dog smells like fish

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My dog smells like fish." "This isn't a hotel." "I'll never find a job if I stink like a fish." "I'll buy you a bath." "Here you go." "Your dog smell like a fish." "If it wasn't for me you wouldn't even have a dog." "Don't leave me alone." "Hey, what's your name?" "What's his name?" "This is no laughing matter." "He got your nose." "What's going on here?" "I'm cleaning myself." "This is a public bath." "Public?" "This is my home." "How did this dog get here?" "It's not a dog." "It's a fish." "If you were a fish you'd be dead by now." "But I'm not dead, so it's not a fish." "How did a fish get in here?" "I have to find a place to wash myself." "I'll take you home with me." "I'll take you to a house of humans where I can give you the human treatment." "I don't care if it's the king, I'll bring you home." "Do you realize I'll be arrested?" "What am I going to do with you?" "I have to wash off the stink." "I have to get rid of the smell." "Let's get rid of the stink." "The stink's gone." "You're a very intelligent dog." "You learned how to speak." "We could be very good friends." "I'm going to look for someone to help us." "Thank you very much." "Thank you for helping me wash off the stink." "Come back!" "Where did you come from?" "I'm your new housemaid." "This isn't your home." "Why are you hanging these up?" "I like flowers." "This is a cat house." "I know." "I'm a dog." "And I'm your new dog." "You don't look like a dog." "A dog looks like this." "Come here." "Sit." "That's it." "Pardon me." "I love this job!" "It's like we're alone in the whole world!" "So far, you're very good." "I haven't done anything." "I've been on the job two days, and I haven't screwed up." "I wouldn't mention that to the master." "It's bad luck." "Don't be such a party pooper." "I've been looking for my master." "I'm your master." "Come here." "Sit." "Down, boy." "Heel." "Good dog." "Heel." "Sit." "Sit." "Heel." "Who's that man?" "That's no man, it's the master." "Come here." "Sit." "Now I'd like to have a little talk with you." "Come here." "Now just relax." "You're the new girl." "You have to learn the rules." "I've got rules?" "How do I know I can trust you?" "I don't know anything!" "That's a good attitude." "I like that in a girl." "What's your name?" "Rose." "I like that." "Rose." "It's a nice name." "I like it." "What's your last name?" "I don't know." "Rose is a pretty name, but it's not very unusual." "Rose." "I like it." "I think we've got something very special here." "I like you." "I'm sorry." "I can't talk with you right now." "You're not my type." "How do you like that?" "I guess he doesn't like me." "I like you just the way you are." "Don't get upset." "It's not you." "It's me." "He's just not the kind of guy you can..." "Can I have some food, please?" "So that's what you do, you sneak around." "I'm sorry." "Don't cry, Rose." "I'm really sorry." "Don't cry." "I really didn't know he was gonna do that." "I really didn't." "It's okay, he's my cousin." "Yeah, he told me." "He's coming home from the army." "He's really nice." "What are you doing here?" "He invited me." "I've got nowhere else to go." "We don't get along." "He hates me." "He's gonna make sure I can't get a job." "I can't live like this." "What are you gonna do?" "He's been so kind to me." "He even brought me clothes." "I can't tell him the truth." "I'd be dead." "I'm gonna try to get a job." "If I can, I'll send money home to you." "No, no, it's okay." "We don't need any." "Really." "It's okay." "Here, here." "Thank you." "I'll miss you." "So will I." "Okay." "Okay, okay." "Don't panic." "Don't panic." "No..." "It'll be okay." "You're lucky." "My husband doesn't like women." "Where'd you find him?" "Out there." "He's not good looking, huh?" "No, he's not." "What's that?" "I can't see." "How far away is it?" "It's..." "It's too far away." "What are we going to do?" "Don't panic." "Don't panic." "It'll be okay." "You must be careful." "It's dangerous." "No, I won't hurt it." "Hey, are you okay?" "That's a strange place to keep a bird." "What's wrong with it?" "They're the only thing that live there." "I'm sorry." "For what?" "Nothing." "There was a woman." "But it's over now." "What happened?" "Why was she crying?" "It's okay." "She's dead now." "What?" "I did something terrible." "What?" "I was looking for food for the woman." "I wanted to steal it." "I'm sorry." "Are you a farmer?" "That's right." "I should have let it die." "It has nothing left to give." "This is where the woman was." "There was someone in the field." "What was left of her." "I'm so sorry." "Why would you do that?" "I thought the bird could use some food." "When I was young, I used to dream that birds would fly home to me." "My mother told me that it was not real." "She told me that none of it was real." "She told me I was just dreaming." "In those dreams, I didn't know it was a dream." "I felt like it was all real." "You're sick." "I'm fine." "You're not fine." "You're crazy." "I'm not crazy." "I know you." "The woman that I met is still inside you." "In you." "You are not well." "You're sick, too." "You're sick in the head." "I'm not sick." "It's because of that." "Do you want to tell me what happened to you?" "I was..." "I was in the woods when the soldiers came." "I thought..." "I thought the birds were calling me, so I let them do what they wanted

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